Prof. Prather featured in the podcast series “Create the Future: An Engineering Podcast”

Prof. Prather is featured in the podcast “Learning from Nature: Synthetic Biology” produced by the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering (Royal Academy of Engineering).

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Prof. Prather and others speak at MIT climate symposium 

Watch Dr. Prather discuss the potential for developing low-carbon fuels
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Dr. Prather co-chaired the symposium and shared her thoughts on the future of biofuels.

Prather Lab develops new way to control microbial metabolism

Prather Lab program bacteria to switch between different metabolic pathways, boosting their yield of desirable products.

Dr. Prather elected as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

The AAAS recognizes Dr. Kristala Jones Prather n of her scientifically or socially distinguished efforts to advance science.

Hacks for greening your lab

Dr. Kristala Jones Prather shares her lab’s experiences in moving towards greener lab practices as part of a C&EN article by Carmen Drahl

Watch an episode of Nova featuring Dr. Prather

Hear Dr. Kristala Jones Prather featured in a Nova episode on gene editing

Dr. Kristala Jones Prather appointed Arthur D. Little Professor of Chemical Engineering starting Fall 2017

Dr. Prather receives the Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership award 2017

Dr. Kristala Jones Prather is honored with the MLK Jr. Leadership Awards for embodying the spirit of Dr. King’s work

Prather Lab boosts bacteria’s productivity 

Prather Lab designs a new way to dramatically boost bacteria’s production of useful chemicals

Prather Lab participates in Green Lab Contests

The Environment, Health and Saftey Office (EHS) awarded the Prather Lab with the gold certification for their sustainable lab practices

Watch Dr. Prather at the World Economic Forum

Dr. Kristala Jones Prather shows us how microbes could feed the world, provide biofuels and remain sustainable in the process

Prather Lab get more production out of bacteria

Prather Lab demonstrates a new way to dramatically boost bacteria’s manufacturing abilities.

The AAAS asks Dr. Prather the bigger questions

Dr. Kristala Jones Prather recognized in Science Career Magazine

Dr. Prather wins a seed grant from the MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) 

Dr. Kristala Jones Prather is a recipient of MITEI’s first round of seed grants for energy research

Watch Dr. Prather on presents on BioSeminar:
Part 1
Part 2

Dr. Kristala Jones Prather presents an introduction to Synthetic Biology and Metabolic Engineering

Prather Lab research featured in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN)